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Denis Shapovalov is a rising star in the world of professional tennis. Born on April 15, 1999, as Denis Viktorovich Shapovalov, he made a significant impact on the sport at a young age.

Standing at a height of 6’1″ (185cm) and weighing 165 lbs (75kg), Shapovalov possesses a formidable presence on the court. 

His left-handed playing style, complemented by a one-handed backhand, adds to his distinctive approach to the game.

Hailing from Tel Aviv, Israel, and currently residing in Nassau, Bahamas, Shapovalov is recognized as a Canadian professional tennis player. 

With a singles ranking of 26, he has rapidly ascended the ranks since turning pro in 2017. Under the guidance of his coach Matt Daly, Shapovalov achieved his career-high singles ranking of 10 in September 2020. Notably, he has also reached a doubles career-high ranking of 44 in February 2020 and his net worth is $9 million.

Denis Shapovalov’s journey is grounded in his family roots, with his father Viktor Shapovalov, and mother Tessa Shapovalova playing pivotal roles in his life. Currently, in a relationship, Shapovalov’s blend of talent and charisma continues to captivate tennis enthusiasts around the world.

Quick Facts About Denis Shapovalov

NameDenis Shapovalov
Full NameDenis Viktorovich Shapovalov
NicknameShapo Or “Deni”
Weight165 Lbs(75Kg)
BirthplaceTel Aviv, Israel
ResidenceNassau, Bahamas
ProfessionCanadian Professional Tennis Player
Singles Rank93
Turned Pro2017
PlaysLeft-Handed, One-Handed Backhand
CoachMatt Daly
Singles Career High10(2020.09.21)
Doubles Career High44(2020.02.24)
Networth$9 Million
Prize Money Singles & Doubles Combined$11,052,226
FatherViktor Shapovalov
MotherTessa Shapovalova
Relationship StatusIn Relationship
GirlfriendMirjam Bjorklund


Denis Shapovalov, a Canadian professional tennis player, has marked his name in the sport’s annals at the age of 24. 

With a combined prize money tally of $11,052,226 in both singles and doubles, his journey exemplifies determination and success.

As the third highest-ranked Canadian male player in history, trailing only Félix Auger-Aliassime and Milos Raonic, Shapovalov has made a formidable impact on the global tennis stage. 

His prowess is underscored by an ATP Tour singles title and a standout achievement at the 2021 Wimbledon Championships, where he advanced to the semifinals, marking his best performance in a Grand Slam tournament.


Denis Shapovalov’s early life is marked by his swift immersion into the world of tennis. His journey began at the Richmond Hill Country Club, where his mother secured a coaching position just two weeks after relocating to Toronto from Tel Aviv. 

It was within this backdrop that Denis, at the tender age of 5, first picked up a tennis racket, sparking an enduring passion for the game.

With an early start, Denis quickly developed a fervent devotion to tennis, embracing the sport’s intricacies and challenges. 

Alongside his pursuits on the court, his life off the tennis court also took shape. In school, he came to be affectionately known as “Shapo” or “Deni,” reflecting the familiarity and camaraderie that accompanied his growing reputation.

Shapovalov’s journey hit a notable milestone in 2016 at the Wimbledon Championships. Displaying remarkable prowess, he secured a junior Grand Slam singles title with a triumphant three-set victory over Alex de Minaur



Denis Shapovalov’s career journey is one of rapid ascent and remarkable achievements. In the early years of his career, he exhibited exceptional promise. 

He clinched two junior Grand Slam titles – the first in doubles at the 2015 US Open alongside Auger-Aliassime, and the second as a singles champion at the 2016 Wimbledon Championships.

Transitioning into the professional realm, Shapovalov’s trajectory remained upward. In 2017, he made history by becoming the youngest player ever to reach the semifinals of an ATP Masters 1000 tournament, accomplishing this feat at the 2017 Canadian Open. 

His outstanding performances earned him the prestigious Lionel Conacher Award in the same year, recognizing him as Canada’s male athlete of the year.

Continuing to make waves, 2018 witnessed Shapovalov’s second Masters semifinal appearance at the Madrid Open. He concluded the year inside the top 30, asserting his prominence as the youngest player in that ranking bracket. 

The following year, in 2019, he secured his maiden ATP title at the Stockholm Open and made his debut in Masters finals at the Paris Masters, capping off the year ranked No. 15.

Further milestones were achieved in 2020, including his first Grand Slam quarterfinal at the US Open and a career-high ranking of world No. 10. 

His consistent presence in tour finals continued in 2021, underscoring his persistent pursuit of excellence on the tennis court.

His journey commenced with his first professional doubles title at the ITF Futures in Pensacola.

The year 2017 marked a pivotal breakthrough for Shapovalov. He made his Grand Slam debut and achieved his first Masters semifinal appearance, propelling him into the top 50 rankings.

In 2018, he continued his ascent, entering the top 30 rankings.

The subsequent year, 2019, proved to be a standout period in his career. He secured his inaugural ATP title, reached his first Masters final, and contributed to the Davis Cup final, all while breaking into the top 15 rankings.

Shapovalov’s upward trajectory continued in 2020 with his first Grand Slam quarterfinal and a debut in the top 10 rankings.

In 2021, he achieved his maiden Grand Slam semifinal.

The year 2022 witnessed his crowning moments, as he triumphed in both the ATP and Davis Cups, reached his third Major quarterfinal, and appeared in his sixth ATP final.

As of 2023, Shapovalov’s journey remains on the ascent, with his Wimbledon run marking another chapter in his evolving career. Each year has brought fresh accomplishments, underscoring his determination and unwavering pursuit of excellence on the tennis court.


Grand Slam tournaments
Year-end championships
ATP Tour Masters 1000*11
Olympic Games
ATP Tour 50011
ATP Tour 250134


Grand Slam tournaments
Year-end championships
ATP Tour Masters 1000*
Olympic Games
ATP Tour 500
ATP Tour 25022


Denis Shapovalov Net Worth

Denis Shapovalov, the accomplished Canadian professional tennis player, has made an impact both on and off the court. 

At the age of 24, he has amassed a net worth of $9 million, reflecting his successful career in the world of tennis.

His financial standing is further bolstered by his impressive prize money earnings. With a combined total of $11,052,226 from both singles and doubles competitions, Shapovalov’s skill and dedication have translated into tangible success in terms of earnings.


Denis Shapovalov’s endorsements underscore his prominence in the world of tennis. Since June 2020, his representation by IMG has amplified his market presence.

Among his endorsements, Nike stands out as a key partner, sponsoring both his apparel and footwear. Notably, he was chosen as the face of Nike’s 2018 US Open collection, a testament to his influence in the sport. 

Complementing his performance on the court, Yonex has been a significant collaborator, providing him with tennis rackets since 2017. 

His partnership with Yonex continued with the Yonex VCore 95 racket, which he has been using since January 2021.

Shapovalov’s endorsements extend beyond the realm of sports performance. BioSteel Sports Nutrition has been a sponsor since 2016, highlighting his commitment to holistic athletic support. 

Furthermore, as a brand ambassador for TAG Heuer since 2017, Shapovalov’s influence transcends tennis, resonating with audiences on and off the court.


Denis Shapovalov’s family history weaves a rich tapestry of diverse backgrounds and shared passions. 

His mother, Tessa Shapovalova, was an accomplished tennis player who represented the Soviet national tennis team. She, alongside Denis’ father Viktor Shapovalov, journeyed from the collapsing Soviet Union to Tel Aviv, where Tessa eventually transitioned into a tennis coach. 

Their family dynamic is notable for its blend of cultural backgrounds, with Tessa being Jewish and Viktor adhering to Orthodox Christianity. 

The family also includes an older brother named Evgeniy, who was born in Israel. Their migration continued, as the family relocated to Canada shortly before Denis’ first birthday. 

Settling in Vaughan, Ontario, the family established their roots. Tessa’s determination to provide Denis with optimal training opportunities led her to leave her coaching job at a local club and establish TessaTennis, her own tennis academy. 

This move not only facilitated Denis’ training but also enabled Tessa to impart her expertise to other aspiring juniors, creating a nurturing environment for tennis development. The Shapovalov family’s journey is a testament to the bonds forged through shared pursuits and the dedication that underpins Denis’ success.


Denis Shapovalov’s educational path includes his attendance at Stephen Lewis Secondary School in Vaughan. As he pursued his burgeoning tennis career, he also balanced his academic endeavors.

Stephen Lewis Secondary School provided him with a platform to cultivate his academic pursuits alongside his tennis commitments. This dual focus underscores his dedication to both his sport and his education. Shapovalov’s journey serves as a reminder of the importance of a balanced approach to personal and professional growth.


Denis Shapovalov’s romantic journey has intertwined with that of WTA player Mirjam Bjorklund. A Swedish talent ranked within the Top 150 of the WTA Rankings, Bjorklund’s tennis prowess is a fitting complement to Shapovalov’s own accomplishments.

Their story took shape in 2019 when Shapovalov and Bjorklund embarked on a romantic relationship. Their connection, which blossomed over time, adds an intriguing layer to their shared tennis world.

Mirjam Bjorklund’s achievement of winning the Swedish Open in 2021 stands as a testament to her skill and dedication on the court. Their relationship, rooted in both shared passions and personal connections, finds a backdrop in the picturesque beach of Bastad, Sweden, adding a touch of romance to their intertwined journeys.


In conclusion, Denis Shapovalov’s journey through the world of tennis is a testament to his dedication, perseverance, and remarkable achievements. 

Starting from his early days at the Richmond Hill Country Club, his passion for the sport was evident, leading him to become one of Canada’s top tennis talents.

From winning junior Grand Slam titles to making history as the youngest player to reach an ATP Masters 1000 semifinal, Shapovalov’s career has been marked by rapid growth and numerous milestones. 

His performances on the court, combined with his endorsements and financial success, highlight his impact both as an athlete and as a marketable figure in the sports industry.

Furthermore, his story is intricately woven with his family’s journey and his romantic connection with Mirjam Bjorklund, showcasing the personal and professional dimensions of his life. 

As he continues to rise through the ranks and make waves in the tennis world, Denis Shapovalov’s influence and legacy are sure to endure, leaving an indelible mark on the sport and beyond.


Has Shapovalov won a Grand Slam?

Denis Shapovalov has not won a Grand Slam title in the senior category. However, during his junior years, he clinched two junior Grand Slam titles – the doubles title at the 2015 US Open with Auger-Aliassime and the singles title at the 2016 Wimbledon Championships. 

Why does Shapovalov wear a cross?

Denis Shapovalov wearing a cross around his neck while playing matches likely reflects his personal beliefs and preferences. Wearing religious or symbolic jewelry can serve as a way for athletes to carry their faith or values with them on the court.

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