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Cameron Norrie is a prominent British tennis player who has captured attention with his remarkable performances. Born on August 23, 1995, in Johannesburg, South Africa, Norrie now calls London, United Kingdom, his residence. Standing tall at 6’2″ and weighing 181 lbs, he maintains the size and skills propelling him to success.

His left-handed playing style and a two-handed backhand showcase his unique approach to the game. Under the guidance of his coach, Facundo Lugones, Norrie achieved a career-high singles rank of 8 in September 2022. 

Off the court, Norrie’s achievements extend to his net worth of $5 million, earned through his exceptional performance and endorsements. His endorsement deals with brands like K-Swiss, Babolat, and Rado highlighting his impact and popularity within the sports industry. As he continues to make waves on the international stage, Cameron Norrie’s journey in tennis remains an inspiring tale of dedication and achievement.

Quick Facts About Cameron Norrie

NameCameron Norrie
Weight181 Lbs(82Kg)
BirthplaceJohannesburg, South Africa
ResidenceLondon, United Kingdom
ProfessionBritish Tennis Player
Turned Pro2017
Singles Rank18
PlaysLeft-Handed, Two-Handed Backhand
CoachFacundo Lugones
Singles Career High8(2022.09.12)
Doubles Career High117(2022.06.13)
Net Worth$5 Million
Prize Money Singles & Doubles Combined$10,132,007
EndorsementsK-Swiss, Babolat, Rado
FatherDavid Norrie
MotherHelen Norrie
GirlfriendLouise Jacobi


Turned pro in 2017, Norrie has made a significant mark in the tennis world. With a current singles rank of 18, he stands as the British No. 1 in men’s singles.

Cameron Norrie, aged 28, has made a name for himself in tennis. He initially represented New Zealand as a junior player, achieving an impressive ranking of No. 10 globally. 

However, he later transitioned his allegiance to Great Britain at 17, setting the stage for his professional career on a new platform.

Norrie’s family includes his father, David Norrie, and his mother, Helen Norrie. Additionally, he shares a romantic relationship with his girlfriend, Louise Jacobi. 

With a background that spans across different countries and experiences, Norrie’s journey in tennis showcases his versatility and determination.


Cameron Norrie’s early life reflects a journey of transitions and determination. Born in 1995, when he was just three years old, Norrie and his family moved to Auckland, New Zealand, following a burglary incident in South Africa. 

Safety concerns started the relocation, and although Norrie doesn’t remember much, he acknowledged the move was due to growing dangers in their previous location. His parents continue to live in New Zealand.

At 16 in 2011, Norrie started another chapter by moving to his parents’ homeland, the United Kingdom. 

He spent three years living in London before enrolling at Texas Christian University (TCU) in Fort Worth in 2014. 

He pursued his studies at TCU until June 2017, when he made the crucial decision to turn professional during the grass court season of the ATP Tour.

In April 2013, Norrie switched his sporting allegiance to Great Britain at 17. 

His parents’ British nationality played a role in this decision, along with funding availability. During this time, he trained at the National Tennis Centre and even lived with a host family for two years to continue grinding his skills. 

Despite the challenges, Norrie’s commitment to his tennis career led him to compete in various Junior Grand Slam tournaments, showcasing his determination to excel on the court.



Cameron Norrie’s career has been marked by outstanding moments, including his remarkable performance in the Davis Cup. 

Ranked at No. 114, Norrie showcased his determination and skill by staging a remarkable comeback from two sets down. 

His impressive debut, characterized by this incredible feat, earned praise from former Davis Cup captain John Lloyd, who believed it was one of the most remarkable debuts in the sport’s history.

In the early stages of his career, Cameron Norrie made steady progress on the tennis circuit. His journey began with his first senior tournament at the ATP Auckland Open in January 2013. 

While still developing, Norrie participated in various clay-court events in 2013 and 2014, including the Great Britain Futures F9 and F11 and the Boy’s French Open. 

However, his focus shifted to his studies, and he played occasionally on the tour during his university years, resulting in fluctuations in his ranking.

Despite these ups and downs, Norrie’s determination shone through. He achieved a semi-final appearance at the Canada Futures F6, which improved his ranking from No. 1348 to No. 973 in 2013. 

Over the years, Norrie’s hard work paid off, pushing him to higher rankings. By October 2015, he secured a victory at the USA Futures F29 and climbed to a ranking of 706.

In 2016, Cameron Norrie made significant strides in his tennis career. He secured back-to-back titles at the USA Futures F21 and F23 tournaments, which pushed him to a ranking of No. 422 by July. 

A month later, Norrie participated in an all-British final at the Aptos Challenger, facing Dan Evans

Despite the loss, his strong performance in that tournament led to a rise in his ranking to No. 298. 

In 2017, he debuted on the ATP and Grand Slam stages, setting the stage for his future successes. The following years saw Norrie’s ascent: 

In 2018, he achieved a spot in the top 100 rankings and secured his first ATP doubles title. 

2019 brought him to his first ATP final against Tennys Sandgren, as well as his debut in the ATP 500 semi-finals and a place among the top 50 players.

The years 2020 and 2021 were vital for Norrie’s career. He nailed his first ATP and Masters titles, earned the title of British No. 1, and entered the top 20 rankings. 

Notably, he made his debut in the ATP Finals against Brandon Nakashima, showcasing his rise as a prominent player in the tennis world. 

In 2022, Norrie reached the semi-finals at Wimbledon and achieved a top-10 ranking for the first time.

2023 proved to be another successful year for Norrie. He claimed the Rio title and secured victories over top-ranked opponents in the 2023 United Cup.

At the Australian Open, he showcased his skills on the grand stage, showing his capability to compete at the sport’s highest level. 

In February, during the Golden Swing, Norrie’s remarkable run led him to the final of the 2023 Argentina Open, his second final arrival of the season.

Norrie’s presence was felt at the Rio Open, where he further built his reputation as a formidable player. 

His success extended to the Indian Wells Masters, where he reached the quarterfinals, demonstrating his consistency and ability to compete against some of the best in the world.

Singles Career Titles

20231Rio de Janeiro (Outdoor/Clay)
20222Lyon (Outdoor/Clay)Delray Beach (Outdoor/Hard)
20212ATP Masters 1000 Indian Wells (Outdoor/Hard)Los Cabos (Outdoor/Hard)

Singles Career Finalist

20232Buenos Aires (Outdoor/Clay)Auckland (Outdoor/Hard)
20222Los Cabos (Outdoor/Hard)Acapulco (Outdoor/Hard)
20214San Diego (Outdoor/Hard)London / Queen’s Club (Outdoor/Grass)Lyon (Outdoor/Clay)Estoril (Outdoor/Clay)
20191Auckland (Outdoor/Hard)


Cameron Norrie Net Worth

Cameron Norrie, a British tennis player, has achieved notable success on and off the court, contributing to his estimated net worth of $5 million. 

His earnings from prize money, combined from singles and doubles, have reached an impressive $9,733,021, reflecting his dedication and skill in the sport. 

Norrie’s ascent in tennis is highlighted by his career-high singles ranking of 8, a remarkable achievement attained on September 12, 2022.

Beyond his accomplishments on the court, Norrie has secured endorsements from reputable brands, adding to his financial standing. 


He has a racquet and equipment-related sponsorship agreement with Babolat, a prominent sports brand. 

In 2020, Norrie’s importance was further recognized when he, alongside Ajla Tomljanovic, was appointed as an international brand ambassador for K-Swiss, a renowned American athlete-wear brand.

Further expanding his endorsement portfolio, Norrie has also partnered with Illuvium and Rodo, adding diversity to his range of collaborations. 

With estimated annual earnings ranging between $1.5 to $2 million from these endorsements, Norrie’s reputation in tennis continues to be both influential and financially rewarding.


Cameron Norrie’s family background reflects a blend of nationalities, with his father, David, from Glasgow and his mother, Helen, from Cardiff. 

This mix of Scottish and Welsh heritage adds to the diversity that shapes his identity.

Norrie’s journey in tennis involved his parents playing a vital role in his development. He reached an outstanding No. 10 world ranking by representing New Zealand as a junior player. 

However, Tennis NZ’s financial support could have been more extensive, requiring his parents to fund his overseas visits. 

During his teenage years, he embarked on a significant journey across the ITF’s European junior circuit for five months, a testament to his family’s commitment to nurturing his tennis aspirations.

As a professional player, Norrie’s base is in Putney, southwest London, strategically situated him close to the prestigious Wimbledon. 

Notably, in response to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and the cancellation of the Indian Wells Masters, Norrie made a decision that brought him back to his roots. 

He flew to New Zealand, where he lived with his parents throughout the year, showing the importance of family support and connection in his life and career.


Cameron Norrie first met with Louise Jaco in 2019 at a New York bar. 

Their initial meeting marked the start of a connection that has grown over time.

Louise Jacobi’s interests are notably centered around interior and textile design, showcasing her creative flair and passion for aesthetic elements. 

She is also a co-founder of “Studio Virgo,” a venture that offers high-quality clothing and home accessories.

Although their bond has deepened, Norrie and Jacobi are not yet married and have not welcomed any children together. 

Their relationship continues to evolve, marked by shared experiences and mutual interests.


Cameron Norrie pursued his education while also excelling in tennis. He attended Macleans College initially and later transitioned to Texas, where he enrolled at Texas Christian University (TCU) in 2014. 

He studied sociology at TCU on a sports scholarship and joined the university’s tennis team, the Horned Frogs. 

His presence was transformative for TCU, as he became the top-ranked male college tennis player in the US and earned the reputation of being the first in TCU’s history to achieve this honor. 

His exceptional performance earned him All-American recognition three times.

During his time at TCU, from 2014 to 2017, Norrie significantly impacted both academically and on the tennis court. 


Remarkable achievements and significant growth have marked Cameron Norrie’s journey in professional tennis. 

Starting as a junior player representing New Zealand, he later transitioned his allegiance to Great Britain. 

Over the years, Norrie’s hard work and determination led him to achieve impressive rankings and milestones.

His dedication to the sport was coupled with educational pursuits, as he studied sociology on a sports scholarship at Texas Christian University (TCU), impacting the university’s tennis legacy. 

Norrie’s success on and off the court highlights his commitment to both academics and athletics.

With endorsements from renowned brands like Babolat and K-Swiss, Norrie’s professional career has flourished, contributing to his net worth of $5 million. 

As he continues to make strides in the tennis world, Norrie’s story inspires aspiring athletes looking to excel in sports and education.


Why did Cameron Norrie change nationality?

Cameron Norrie changed his nationality from representing New Zealand to Great Britain in 2013. 

This shift was primarily driven by his parents’ British nationality and the opportunities it presented. 

Additionally, the availability of better funding and training resources within the British tennis system played a significant role in his decision. 

By changing his allegiance, Norrie aimed to enhance his tennis career prospects and access higher-level training facilities, allowing him to develop his skills more effectively.

Who sponsors Cameron Norrie?

Cameron Norrie is sponsored by various companies in his tennis career. He has a racquet and equipment-related sponsorship deal with Babolat, a well-known sports equipment company. 

In 2020, Norrie also became an international brand ambassador for K-Swiss, an American athlete-wear brand, alongside Ajla Tomljanovic. 

He also has endorsement deals with Illuvium and Rado. These sponsorships contribute to Norrie’s financial support as a professional tennis player and allow him to showcase these brands’ products during his matches and public appearances.

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