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Brandon Nakashima is an American professional tennis player currently ranked at No. 68 in the ATP singles rankings. 

He turned pro in 2019 and is recognized for his right-handed play with a two-handed backhand technique. 

Eduardo Infantino serves as his coach, aiding in his development and performance. With a career-high singles ranking of 43 achieved on October 17, 2022, and a doubles ranking peak of 316 on the same date, Nakashima has steadily climbed the ranks.

Born to Wesley Nakashima and Christina Nakashima, Brandon Nakashima hails from a tennis-loving family. 

His net worth is estimated at $3.7 million, accumulated through prize money from singles and doubles tournaments. 

Nakashima’s achievements are not limited to the court; he has secured endorsements from major brands such as Yonex, Fila, and Motorola, attesting to his growing popularity and marketability.

Nakashima’s tennis prowess extends to his victories. He boasts one ATP singles title and notably emerged victorious at the 2022 Next Generation ATP Finals, demonstrating his potential as a rising star in the world of professional tennis.

Quick Facts About Brandon Nakashima

NameBrandon Nakashima
BirthplaceSan Diego, California, USA
ProfessionAmerican Professional Tennis Player
Singles Rank139
Turned Pro2019
PlaysRight-Handed, Two-Handed Backhand
CoachEduardo Infantino
Singles Career High43(2022.10.17)
Doubles Career High316(2022.10.17)
ParentsWesley Nakashima, Christina Nakashima
Net Worth$3.7 Million
Prize Money Singles & Doubles Combined$3,163,907
EndorsementsYonex, Fila & Motorola


Brandon Nakashima, a 22-year-old American professional tennis player, hails from San Diego, California. Standing at 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighing 183 pounds, Nakashima has made a mark in the world of tennis with his right-handed play and a two-handed backhand technique. 

Turning pro in 2019, he has rapidly climbed the ranks to reach a singles ranking of 139. Under the guidance of coach Eduardo Infantino, Nakashima’s dedication to the sport has propelled him to break into the Top 50 in July 2022 and achieve a career-high ranking of No. 43 in October 2022.

Born to parents Wesley Nakashima and Christina Nakashima, Brandon has a rich tennis background. 

He made a significant stride in his career by defeating his fellow countryman Giron to secure his first ATP Tour title in his hometown of San Diego in 2022. 

Notably, Nakashima displayed his prowess at a young age, reaching back-to-back ATP Tour finals at Los Cabos and Atlanta in 2021 as a 19-year-old, a feat that established him as the youngest American to reach multiple finals since Roddick in 2001-02. With a promising career ahead, Nakashima’s journey in the tennis world is one to watch.


Brandon Nakashima’s journey into the world of tennis began at the tender age of three when he picked up a racket and headed to the park with his grandfather.

By the age of four, he had already started training in a specialized section. His parents and grandfather played a significant role in nurturing his development, instilling values of hard work and determination.

His junior career saw gradual progression, as he started competing in international tournaments at the age of 13. He officially entered the U-18 category in 2017, marking his transition into more competitive play. 

Nakashima’s playing style was influenced by Novak Djokovic, despite his affinity for Roger Federer.

Entering the ATP rankings at 17, Nakashima quickly made an impact, reaching the second round of qualifying at the 2018 U.S. Open. 

As a junior, he reached a career-high ranking of No. 3 in the world. In 2018, he clinched two titles on the ITF junior circuit and secured victory at the ITF Junior Masters, a prestigious year-end tournament for the top-ranked junior singles players.



In 2019, during his tenure at the University of Virginia (UVA), Nakashima displayed his prowess on the tennis court. 

He wrapped up the season with a commendable 17–5 record in singles matches and an impressive 20–3 record in doubles. 

His outstanding performance earned him accolades, including the ACC-Freshman of the Year and All-ACC First Team awards.

Notably, he was also recognized as part of the All-ACC Academic Team, underscoring his commitment to both his sport and his studies.

However, Nakashima’s journey took an unexpected turn. After completing just one semester of collegiate tennis, he made the decision to forego the remaining years of his eligibility and embark on a professional tennis career. 

This bold move marked the beginning of his transition from the collegiate circuit to the world of professional tennis.

In 2020, Nakashima achieved notable milestones in his tennis career. In February, he received a wildcard entry into the Delray Beach Open, marking his first appearance in an ATP main draw. 

This opportunity allowed him to showcase his skills on a bigger stage and gain valuable experience competing against higher-ranked opponents.

Later in the same year, Nakashima made his Grand Slam debut at the US Open. Participating in one of the most prestigious tennis tournaments, he had the chance to compete against top-tier players on the global stage. 

In 2021, Brandon Nakashima showcased his rising talent and made significant strides in his professional tennis career. 

He secured his spot in a Grand Slam main draw for the first time at Wimbledon, where he competed in the singles event. 

Despite facing tough competition, he gained valuable experience on the prestigious grass courts.

Nakashima’s performance in tour events also caught attention. He reached his first-ever ATP final in Los Cabos after defeating formidable opponents such as Sam Querrey and John Isner

Although he fell short in the final match against Cameron Norrie, his remarkable run marked him as the youngest American to reach an ATP final since Taylor Fritz‘s achievement in 2016.

Continuing his strong performance, Nakashima reached another final in Atlanta, showcasing his consistency and determination. 

Although he was unable to clinch the title against John Isner, these back-to-back final appearances propelled him into the top 100 of the ATP rankings for the first time in his career. 

His achievements were further recognized as he qualified for the Next Generation ATP Finals and ended the year at a career-high ranking, solidifying his status as a promising young player in the world of tennis.

In 2022, Brandon Nakashima continued his impressive journey by achieving significant milestones in his tennis career. 

At the French Open, he reached the third round of a Grand Slam for the first time, demonstrating his progress and ability to compete at the highest level. 

Although he faced a formidable opponent in Alexander Zverev, this experience marked a significant step forward in Nakashima’s development.

The Wimbledon Championships proved to be another highlight of Nakashima’s year. He reached the fourth round of a Major tournament for the first time, showcasing his adaptability and prowess on grass courts. 

Despite a closely contested five-set match against Nick Kyrgios, Nakashima displayed his potential to compete against top players and make his mark on the Grand Slam stage.

In his home tournament, the 2022 San Diego Open, Nakashima continued to excel. Seeded fifth, he powered through the competition to reach his third ATP final. 

With determination and skill, he emerged victorious by defeating Marcos Giron, securing his maiden ATP title, and confirming his status as a rising star in the tennis world. 

Nakashima’s achievements were further solidified as he triumphed in the Next Generation ATP Finals, showcasing his dominance and potential to be a future force in the sport.

In the early stages of the 2023 season, Brandon Nakashima faced a series of ups and downs on the tennis circuit. 

His journey started at the Adelaide 2 tournament, where he encountered a challenging first-round match against Alejandro Davidovich Fokina, resulting in an unfortunate defeat. 

This setback was followed by the Australian Open, where Nakashima engaged in a grueling battle with Mackenzie McDonald but ultimately fell short in a five-set match during the opening round.

Continuing his efforts, Nakashima participated in the Acapulco tournament and showcased his resilience by advancing to the second round after defeating Daniel Altmaier. 

However, his journey was halted once again by Mackenzie McDonald. The Indian Wells tournament saw Nakashima’s determination paid off as he secured a victory over John Isner in the first round, only to be eliminated in the subsequent round by the formidable Daniil Medvedev.

The Miami Open brought a mix of results for Nakashima. He managed to overcome Oscar Otte in the first round, demonstrating his ability to triumph in challenging matches. 

However, his journey was cut short by a loss to Alejandro Davidovich Fokina in the second round. 

The Rome tournament in May proved to be another tough challenge, resulting in Nakashima’s exit in the first round after facing Gregoire Barrere. 

Singles Career Titles

20221San Diego (Outdoor/Hard)

Singles Career Finalist

20212Atlanta (Outdoor/Hard)Los Cabos (Outdoor/Hard)


Brandon Nakashima Net Worth

Brandon Nakashima’s financial standing and career earnings reflect his growing success in the world of tennis. With a net worth of $3.7 million, Nakashima has established himself as a notable player within the sport. 

His combined prize money from both singles and doubles competitions amounts to an impressive $3,163,907 further highlighting his achievements on the court.

Nakashima’s accomplishments extend beyond his performance in tournaments. He has garnered recognition and endorsements from prominent brands in the industry. Notably, he is associated with Yonex, Fila, and Motorola, signifying his status as a rising star and his appeal to sponsors.


Yonex, a prominent Japanese sporting goods manufacturer, is recognized for its expertise in crafting high-quality equipment for sports such as tennis, badminton, and golf. 

Renowned for its innovative and technologically advanced offerings, Yonex produces tennis rackets, strings, and accessories that are favored by both professionals and enthusiasts.

Fila, an iconic Italian sportswear brand with a history spanning over a century, is synonymous with stylish and functional athletic apparel and footwear. 

Known for its emphasis on innovation and fashion-forward designs, Fila caters to athletes across various disciplines, including tennis. The brand is celebrated for its durable, comfortable, and trendy products.

Motorola, an American telecommunications giant, is renowned for its extensive range of mobile devices, communication tools, and networking solutions. 

With a legacy of innovation, Motorola’s products are widely embraced by consumers, businesses, and governmental entities worldwide. 


Nakashima’s family background is diverse, with his father being a Japanese American born in California and his mother hailing from Vietnam, having moved to California at the age of five. This mix of heritage adds to the richness of his identity.

Growing up, Brandon shared his upbringing with his younger brother, Bryce, who also has an interest in tennis. 

Despite their shared passion, Bryce’s international junior tournament experience remained limited until the age of 17. 

The Nakashima family’s support and shared enthusiasm for tennis have likely played a significant role in nurturing their athletic pursuits.


After completing his education at High Bluff Academy in Rancho Santa Fe, Nakashima decided to further his tennis journey by enrolling at the University of Virginia to play collegiate tennis. 

However, after his first year, he made the choice to forgo his remaining years of eligibility and turn professional. 

This decision marked a pivotal point in his career as he transitioned into the world of professional tennis.

Nakashima’s determination and early entry into the University of Virginia showcase his commitment to both academics and his passion for tennis. 

His choice to turn professional after just one year at the university demonstrates his strong belief in his potential and his desire to compete at the highest level of the sport.


In conclusion, Brandon Nakashima’s journey in the world of professional tennis has been marked by notable achievements and rapid progress. 

Starting from his early days as a junior player, he quickly rose through the ranks, showcasing his talent and dedication. 

His decision to transition from collegiate tennis to the professional circuit early on reflected his confidence in his abilities and a strong desire to compete at the highest level.

Nakashima’s accomplishments speak volumes about his potential as a rising star in the tennis world. 

From his breakthrough wins to his notable performances in Grand Slam tournaments and ATP finals, he has consistently demonstrated his skills and determination on the court. 

With a growing list of endorsements and a net worth that reflects his success, Nakashima’s future in the sport looks promising. 

As he continues to develop his game and compete against the best, tennis enthusiasts can look forward to witnessing his continued growth and impact on the international tennis stage.


Who are Nakashima parents?

Brandon Nakashima’s parents are Wesley Nakashima and Christina Nakashima. Brandon Nakashima’s father, Wesley, is a Japanese American who was born in California, and his mother, Christina, is originally from Vietnam.

What ethnicity is Brandon Nakashima?

Brandon Nakashima is of mixed ethnicity. His father, Wesley Nakashima, is Japanese American, and his mother, Christina Nakashima, is of Vietnamese descent. 

Therefore, Brandon Nakashima has both Japanese and Vietnamese ethnic backgrounds.

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