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Bobby Orr is a famous ice hockey player from Canada. He was born on March 20, 1948, in Parry Sound, Ontario. He is 75 years old. Bobby weighs 197 pounds and is 6 feet tall. He played defense and shot left-handed. Orr wore jersey number 4. He played 657 games, scored 270 goals, and made 645 assists. That adds up to 915 points. 

His career plus/minus is 582, and his point shares are 150.9. Bobby Orr did not go through the draft process. Orr has earned a lot of money from hockey. His net worth is about $5 million. His career earnings are $2,784,110. Bobby’s dad is Doug Orr, and his mom is Arva Steele. He has four siblings: Patricia, Ronnie, Penny, and Doug Jr. Bobby Orr is married to Peggy Wood. They married in 1973. They have two children together.

Quick Facts About Bobby Orr

NameBobby Orr
Real NameRobert Gordon Orr
NicknameBig Bad Bruins
Birthday/AgeMarch 20, 1948 (Age 75)
Height183cm(6 Ft 0 In)
BirthplaceParry Sound, Ontario, Canada
ProfessionCanadian Former Professional Ice Hockey Player
Jersey Number4
Net Worth$5 Million
Career Earnings$2,784,110
FatherDoug Orr
MotherArva Steele
SiblingsPatricia, Ronnie, Penny, And Doug Jr.
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseMargaret Louise Wood (M. 1973)

Bobby Orr Biography

Bobby Orr was born on March 20, 1948, in Canada. He is known as a legendary ice hockey player. Orr played in the NHL for 12 years. He started with the Boston Bruins and ended with the Chicago Black Hawks. Orr was very fast and good at scoring. He changed how defensemen play. He won many awards and was the best defenceman for eight years straight.

In 1966, Orr started playing for the Boston Bruins. They were not a strong team then. But with Orr, they won the Stanley Cup twice. Orr scored important goals. He had to stop playing at 30 because of knee injuries.

Orr’s contracts made him very rich at first. But later, he lost a lot of money. He had problems with his agent and had to sell his things. Orr fought back and got his money right. He helped catch a bad agent who was cheating players.

After retiring, Orr worked in hockey as a scout. He also helped players as an agent. He sold his agency in 2018. Orr does charity work and appears on TV ads. He also coaches young players in a special game each year.

Bobby Orr Net Worth

Bobby Orr Net Worth

Bobby Orr, a former professional ice hockey player, has a net worth of $5 million. During his career in the NHL, he earned about $2.78 million. This money came from playing hockey and the contracts he signed. 

After he retired, Orr made more money in business and by working in hockey. He also appeared in TV commercials. His net worth reflects the money he has after his whole career, including what he earns now.

Bobby Orr Early Life

Bobby Orr showed his hockey skills when he was very young. He started playing organized hockey at age five. He got his first skates the year before. Even though he was small, he skated very fast. He was better at racing and playing than other kids his age.

Until he was ten, Orr played as a forward. Then, his coach, Bucko McDonald, put him on defense. McDonald used to play in the NHL. He told Orr to keep scoring and skating fast, even as a defenceman. McDonald believed defense was Orr’s best spot. Orr’s dad wasn’t sure, but he went along with it. Orr says McDonald taught him a lot about hockey.

NHL scouts noticed him when he was just twelve. At fourteen, he joined the Oshawa Generals. He became a star player there.

Bobby Orr caught the attention of the Boston Bruins in 1961. He was playing in a youth hockey tournament in Ontario. Wren Blair of the Bruins saw him play. He thought Orr was very good, like famous players Doug Harvey and Eddie Shore.

The Bruins wanted Orr to join their team. Blair visited Orr’s family many times. In the fall of 1961, the Bruins paid to support Orr’s minor hockey team. The money they spent back then would be worth a lot more today.

Other teams wanted Orr, too.

The Toronto Maple Leafs, Detroit Red Wings, and Montreal Canadiens were interested. But in 1962, Orr chose to sign with the Bruins. He believed the Bruins were getting better. He wanted to help them build a strong team.

Wren Blair had a plan. He wanted to start a new Oshawa Generals team in Oshawa, Ontario. The Bruins, his team, already had a junior team, the Niagara Falls Flyers. But Blair convinced them to get involved with another team. The Bruins would own most of the new team, but Bobby Orr had to play for them.

When Orr was fourteen, Blair got him to try out for the Flyers. After the tryout, there was a problem. Orr did not sign with the Bruins and went home. But Blair fixed the issue. He talked to Bobby’s mom, Arva. He convinced her that Bobby was ready to leave home.

To get Bobby to join the Bruins at eighteen, Blair made a deal. Bobby would stay home for school. He would only go to Oshawa for games on weekends. That was a long drive. When Orr signed, the family got $10,000, a new car, and the Bruins paid to fix their house. 

Bobby Orr Career

Bobby Orr Career

In the 1962-63 season, Orr started playing junior hockey. He was only fourteen. He played against much older players. The next year, his team joined the Ontario Hockey Association (OHA). Orr moved to Oshawa for this. He went to high school there and lived with a local family. Orr did great, setting a record for goals by a defenceman.

Every year in junior hockey, Orr got better. He made the All-Star team every time. In the 1965-66 season, he scored 38 goals and had 94 points. His team won the OHA championship.

Orr’s team made it to the Memorial Cup Final in 1966. But Orr got hurt. He had a groin injury, which made skating hard. His team wanted him to play in the final game. The Bruins, who owned his rights, said no. They didn’t want him to get worse. But Orr and his parents said he must play. They even said he might never play for Boston if they didn’t let him.

Orr played, but he wasn’t his best. His team lost the Cup. The coach was fired for letting Orr play. Blair, the man who helped Orr, left to join another team.

In 1964, Bobby Orr’s agent, Alan Eagleson, wanted to secure a high salary. The Bruins’ general manager, Hap Emms, offered a signing bonus and good salaries for that time. But Eagleson asked for much more. He suggested Orr could play for Canada’s national team instead like Carl Brewer had done.

Orr wanted to play in the NHL. He trusted Eagleson’s plan, though, and was ready to play for the national team. In the end, the Bruins and Orr made a deal. They agreed on a $25,000 signing bonus. His salary would be less than $100,000 over two years. The exact amount wasn’t told to the public. People think he got between $25,000 and $40,000 a year. That was a lot back then, especially for a new player. Most rookies only got up to $9,000.

The deal was signed on a boat, the Barbara Lynn. That’s where Eagleson and Emms talked about the contract.

The Bruins hadn’t made the playoffs since 1959, but 1968 they qualified again. Before the season, they traded for Phil Esposito and others, a big move. They were excited about the playoffs but were quickly eliminated by the Montreal Canadiens.

In 1971, Bobby Orr signed a historic contract, earning $200,000 per season, the first in the NHL to reach one million dollars over five years. During the 1971–72 season, Orr scored 117 points and won both the Hart and Norris trophies. The Bruins topped the East, and in the playoffs, Orr’s performance was stellar, leading to a Stanley Cup victory and earning him his second Conn Smythe Trophy. He was the first to win the Conn Smythe twice. Orr also clinched the MVP award at the 1972 All-Star Game. 

Decades later, only Nicklas Lidström in 2002 and Cale Makar in 2022 have matched the feat of winning both the Norris and Conn Smythe trophies in the same season. Bobby Orr signed a historic contract, earning $200,000 per season, the first in the NHL to reach one million dollars over five years. During the 1971–72 season, Orr scored 117 points and won both the Hart and Norris trophies. The Bruins topped the East, and in the playoffs, Orr’s

Bobby Orr had a great career before he retired. He scored 270 goals and made 645 assists, totaling 915 points in 657 games. He also had 953 penalty minutes. When he retired, Orr was the top-scoring defenceman in goals, assists, and points in NHL history. He was also high in the overall rankings: tenth in assists and 19th in points. Until 2018, only three players had a higher points-per-game average than Orr: Wayne Gretzky, Mario Lemieux, and Mike Bossy. These players were all forwards. Hockey legend Gordie Howe said losing Orr was the biggest loss the NHL ever faced.

In 1996, Bobby Orr became a player agent. He bought an agency started by Bob Woolf, a lawyer from Boston. To ensure no conflicts of interest, Orr sold his part in a hockey team and stopped working with a credit card company tied to the NHLPA. He got certified as an agent. This means he could work for players, but he wouldn’t talk to clubs directly about contracts. Bobby Orr became a player agent.

He bought an agency started by Bob Woolf, a lawyer from Boston. To make sure there were no conflicts of interest, Orr sold his part in a hockey team and stopped working with a credit card company tied to

Rick Curran joined Orr’s agency in 2000. They, with Paul Krepelka, made the Orr Hockey Group in 2002. This group works for many NHL players. Some names include Jeff Carter, Taylor Hall, and Connor McDavid.

Jason Spezza, one of the players Orr represents, talked about what it’s like. He said he respects Orr a lot. Spezza watches old videos of Orr playing and can’t believe how good he is. He says Orr is a great person and treats you like he’s not the famous Bobby Orr.

Bobby Orr Jersey

YearsTeamJersey Number
1966-1976Boston Bruins4
1976-1979Chicago Black Hawks

Bobby Orr Stats

Regular SeasonPlayoffs
1962-63Oshawa GeneralsOHA34615210 
1963-64Oshawa GeneralsOHA562943720 
1964-65Oshawa GeneralsOHA563459930 
1965-66Oshawa GeneralsOHA4738569492 
1966-67Boston BruinsNHL61132841102 
1967-68NHL4611203163 40222
1968-69NHL67214364133 1017810
1969-70NHL763387120125 149112014
1976-77Chicago BlackhawksNHL2041923256
1977-78Did Not PlayIndStatistics Unavailable
1978-79Chicago BlackhawksNHL622442
NHL Totals6572706459159537426669292

Source: hockeyDB

Bobby Orr Awards, Records, and Honors

NHL1966-67Calder Memorial Trophy
1967-68James Norris Trophy
1968-69James Norris Trophy
1969-70Art Ross Trophy
Hart Memorial Trophy
Conn Smythe Trophy
James Norris Trophy
1970-71Hart Memorial Trophy
James Norris Trophy
1971-72Hart Memorial Trophy
Conn Smythe Trophy
James Norris Trophy
1972-73James Norris Trophy
1973-74James Norris Trophy
1974-75Art Ross Trophy
James Norris Trophy
Lester B. Pearson Trophy

Bobby Orr Family And Personal Life

Bobby Orr was born on March 20, 1948, in Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada. His grandfather was Robert Orr, a soccer player from Northern Ireland. Bobby’s father, Doug Orr, could have played hockey professionally but chose to serve in the Navy during World War II. After the war, Doug worked in a dynamite factory.

Bobby was one of five children. He was born at St. Joseph’s Hospital. His grandmother, Elsie Orr, worked there as a nurse. When Bobby was born, he was very sick, and it was not sure if he would survive.

While on vacation, Bobby Orr met Peggy Wood from Michigan. She was a speech therapist. They got engaged in 1972 and married in 1973. The wedding was in Parry Sound and was kept private. Bobby and Peggy have two sons, Darren and Brent. Darren works in Orr Hockey Group, like his dad. Bobby’s mom passed away in 2000 from cancer. His father died in 2007. Bobby became a grandfather when his granddaughter Alexis was born in 2009. He has another grandchild named Robert, born in 2011.

Bobby Orr is very loyal to his old teammates and friends from the Bruins. When Derek Sanderson had problems with alcohol and drugs, Orr paid for his rehab. Later, they started a business together. They help hockey players manage their money. Orr also helped John “Frosty” Forristall. He was Orr’s roommate when Orr first joined the Bruins. Frosty lost his job because of alcoholism and had no place to go. He also had brain cancer. Orr let him live in his home for a year until he passed away. Orr was there for him until the end and was a pallbearer at his funeral.

Bobby Orr loves fishing. He has liked it since he was a kid. He is also good at jigsaw puzzles. People know him for dressing well. When he was single and lived with Forristall, their place was always neat. Orr did not drink, smoke, or go to nightclubs. He has always had a clean image.

Bobby Orr Education

R. S. McLaughlin High School is the school Bobby Orr attended when he moved to Oshawa to play for the Oshawa Generals. It is named after Colonel Robert Samuel McLaughlin, a notable figure in the Canadian automotive industry and founder of General Motors of Canada. The school is part of the legacy of McLaughlin’s contributions to education and the community in Oshawa, Ontario.

Bobby Orr Philanthropy

Bobby Orr is known for helping others. He likes to keep his charity work quiet. A writer, Russ Conway, once went with Orr to a hospital. They surprised the kids there. Orr brought gifts and made the kids happy. He gave out autographs and talked to them. He made sure this visit was not in the news. Orr has helped raise money for good causes. In 1980, he got an award from the Multiple Sclerosis Society. They wanted to thank him for all the good things he had done for people.


Bobby Orr is a hockey legend from Canada. He was one of the best defensemen in the history of the NHL. Orr played most of his career with the Boston Bruins. His fast skating and scoring changed how defensemen played the game. He won many awards and set records. Orr helped the Bruins win two Stanley Cups.

After hockey, Orr had money troubles because of bad advice. But he worked hard and became successful in business. He also helps other players as an agent. Orr gives back to the community, too. He does much charity work but doesn’t talk about it much.

Bobby Orr’s life is about more than just hockey. He values family, helping others, and living a good life. He is known for being loyal and kind. Orr is not just a great athlete but also a respected person.


Why is Bobby Orr so famous?

Bobby Orr is very famous in hockey. He played in a new way, making the defenseman part of the attack. This was a big change. He was fast and scored a lot, which was unique for a defenseman.

Why did Bobby Orr retire?

Bobby Orr retired because of injuries to his knees. Throughout his career, Orr had many operations on his knees. These surgeries were because of the damage from playing hockey. His left knee was especially bad. By the end of his career, the pain and harm to his knee made it too hard for him to play hockey at the professional level. 

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