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American shortstop Tim Anderson, often referred to as TA7 in the baseball world, is a highly talented player who proudly comes from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. This baseball player, who turned 30 on June 23, 1993, has made a lasting impression on the Major League Baseball (MLB) community thanks to his extraordinary abilities and everlasting dedication to the game. Anderson’s inspiring journey begins with his time at East Central Community College and ends with the Chicago White Sox picking him in the first round of the 2013 MLB Draft.

Tim Anderson became a well-known player during the 2019 MLB season, grabbing the interest of baseball fans with a spectacular batting average of .335, the highest in the league. Even though his 2.9% walk rate was among the lowest in the American League, Anderson set career highs in hits, doubles, and runs, proving his skill as a powerful hitter. He received much praise for his steady work, winning the coveted Silver Slugger Award in 2020, and continued excelling as an All-Star in 2021 and 2022. Tim Anderson’s story serves as an example of determination and greatness in professional baseball as fans avidly watch the passage of his career.

Quick Facts about Tim Anderson

NameTim Anderson
Full NameTimothy Devon Anderson
Age30 (June 23, 1993)
Weight185 lbs (83 Kg)
Height1.85m (6’1”)
BirthplaceTuscaloosa, Alabama, United States
ResidenceChicago, United States
ProfessionAmerican Baseball Player
Draft2013, Chicago White Sox, Round: 1, Overall Pick: 17
Debut DateJune 10, 2016
TeamChicago White Sox (2016-2023)
Jersey Number#7(2023)
Home Runs98
Net Worth$65 Million
Salary$12.5 Million +
EndorsementsR.B.I Baseball 2021, Nike, Victus Sports, BMW, TicketSmarter, FOCO USA
FatherTim Anderson Sr.
MotherLucille Brown
Marital StatusBria Anderson (m. 2017)

Tim Anderson Biography

Timothy Devon Anderson Jr., better known as Tim Anderson, was born on June 23, 1993, in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Raised by his aunt and uncle, alongside their three children, due to his father’s imprisonment and his mother’s challenges, Tim’s early life was marked by hardship.

His journey to baseball stardom began at Tuscaloosa’s Hillcrest High School, where he fell in love with the sport. This passion led him to East Central Community College in Mississippi, where he further sharpened his skills. In 2013, the Chicago White Sox recognized his talent, selecting him in the first round of the MLB Draft.

Tim Anderson’s MLB career took off when he emerged as a tough shortstop. In 2019, he led the league with a remarkable .335 batting average despite a low walk rate. His career-best in hits, doubles, and runs highlighted his hitting prowess. In 2020, he earned his first Silver Slugger Award; in 2021, he made his All-Star debut. His journey from a challenging upbringing to baseball excellence has captured the hearts of fans, solidifying Tim Anderson’s place as a standout player in professional baseball.

Tim Anderson Early Life

His determination and dedication defined Tim Anderson’s childhood. He attended Hillcrest High School in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, where he began his athletic career. Tim had played small league baseball as a youngster, but it wasn’t until his junior year of high school that he rediscovered his love for the game.

Basketball stole his attention in his early high school years, but hardship struck when he shattered both of his legs during his senior year. Resolute, he returned to athletics in his junior year, competing in both baseball and basketball. He hit .333 as a left fielder as a junior, proving his hitting power. During his senior year, he shifted to an infielder position, where he flourished with a .420 hitting average. Particularly, in his senior year, he helped his high school’s basketball team win the state title.

Tim Anderson, who stands 6 feet 1 inch (1.85 meters), understood that he could be too short to pursue a professional basketball career. This understanding was a turning point in his life, paving the way for him to become an iconic figure in the world of professional baseball.

Tim Anderson Career

Tim Anderson Career

Tim Anderson’s baseball journey has been captivating, filled with remarkable achievements and significant incidents. As of 2023, his career has been marked by standout moments and challenges that have shaped his reputation in Major League Baseball (MLB).

In 2013, the Chicago White Sox selected Anderson in the first round of the MLB Draft, recognizing his talent as a shortstop. His journey in the big leagues commenced in 2016 when he made his MLB debut. Over the years, Anderson’s batting prowess and agility on the field made him one of the league’s top shortstops.

The year 2019 was a defining one for Anderson, where he led all of baseball with an outstanding batting average of .335. Despite having one of the lowest walk percentages in the American League, his consistency at the plate showcased his hitting prowess. This exceptional performance earned him recognition and accolades, including a Silver Slugger Award in 2020.

Tim Anderson, a notable figure in the MLB, gained recognition as the cover athlete for the 2021 R.B.I. Baseball video game series. He made headlines on July 10, 2021, being named to the MLB All-Star Game, replacing Carlos Correa. A memorable moment from Anderson came during the MLB Field of Dreams Game on August 12, 2021, where he secured a win for the White Sox with a walk-off home run against Zack Britton of the New York Yankees. In 2021, he showcased impressive stats, batting .309/.338/.469, hitting 17 home runs, and securing 61 RBIs, despite the lowest walk percentage in the major leagues at 4.0%.

Anderson continued to shine, making back-to-back All-Star appearances in 2021 and 2022. In a heated game on May 21, 2022, against the New York Yankees, Tim Anderson experienced a controversial moment when Yankees third baseman Josh Donaldson mockingly referred to him as “Jackie”. Tensions escalated when White Sox catcher Yasmani Grandal confronted Donaldson, causing both teams to clear their benches. Post-game, manager Tony La Russa labeled Donaldson’s comment “racist” and Anderson agreed with him.

However, his career was not without its share of controversies. In 2022, he faced suspension for arguing with an umpire, and an unfortunate injury ended his season prematurely. In 2023, representing Team USA in the World Baseball Classic, Anderson displayed his versatility by playing at second base for the first time in his professional career. Nonetheless, the season posed its challenges as Anderson struggled with his batting average, but he managed to make a remarkable comeback with a home run.

Tim Anderson Stats


Source: Spotrac-statistics

Recent transactions

August 23, 2023Chicago White Sox activated SS Tim Anderson.
August 18, 2023SS Tim Anderson roster status changed by Chicago White Sox.
May 2, 2023Chicago White Sox activated SS Tim Anderson from the 10-day injured list.
April 28, 2023Chicago White Sox sent SS Tim Anderson on a rehab assignment to Charlotte Knights.
April 11, 2023Chicago White Sox placed SS Tim Anderson on the 10-day injured list. Left knee sprain.
February 9, 2023United States activated SS Tim Anderson.

Source: MLB


Nov 6 2022Chicago (CHW) exercised a $12.5 million club option for 2023
Apr 23 2022Suspended 1 game for Unsportsmanlike Conduct, forfeiting $51,075 in 2022 salary with Chicago (CWS)
Apr 3 2022Suspended 2 games for Physical contact with an umpire against Detroit (DET), forfeiting $102,150 in 2022 salary with Chicago (CWS)
Apr 3 2022Fined $10,000 Physical contact with an umpire against Detroit (DET)
Apr 19 2019Suspended 1 game for his role in a brawl against Kansas City (KC), forfeiting $7,527 of 2019 salary with Chicago (CHW)
Mar 21 2017Signed a 6 year $25 million contract extension with Chicago (CHW), including two additional club options
Jun 10 2016Contract purchased by Chicago (CHW)
Jun 12 2013Signed a contract with Chicago (CHW)
Jun 6 2013Drafted by Chicago (CHW): Round 1 (#17 overall)
Aug 7 2023Suspended 6 games for his role in an altercation with Cleveland (CLE), forfeiting $403,224 in 2023 salary with Chicago (CHW)
Nov 6 2022Chicago (CHW) exercised a $12.5 million club option for 2023
Apr 23 2022Suspended 1 game for Unsportsmanlike Conduct, forfeiting $51,075 in 2022 salary with Chicago (CWS)
Apr 3 2022Suspended 2 games for Physical contact with an umpire against Detroit (DET), forfeiting $102,150 in 2022 salary with Chicago (CWS)
Apr 3 2022Fined $10,000 Physical contact with an umpire against Detroit (DET)
Apr 19 2019Suspended 1 game for his role in a brawl against Kansas City (KC), forfeiting $7,527 of 2019 salary with Chicago (CHW)
Mar 21 2017Signed a 6 year $25 million contract extension with Chicago (CHW), including two additional club options
Jun 10 2016Contract purchased by Chicago (CHW)
Jun 12 2013Signed a contract with Chicago (CHW)
Jun 6 2013Drafted by Chicago (CHW): Round 1 (#17 overall)

Tim Anderson Net worth

Tim Anderson Net worth

Tim Anderson is an American professional baseball shortstop for the Chicago White Sox of Major League Baseball with a net worth of $65 million in 2023. 

Tim Anderson has made a successful career in baseball after playing various matches in his professional career. Tim made a net worth of $65 million in 2023. He has made this net worth from signing high-fee contracts with baseball teams. Tim signed his first deal with the Chicago White Sox for a signing bonus of $2,164,000 and later signed a high-fee contract.

Estimated Career Earnings

2013Chicago White Sox$2,164,000
Est. Earnings(8 seasons)$33,846,077$2,164,000

Tim Anderson Endorsements

Tim Anderson’s experience in professional baseball has been more than simply his on-field success. He’s also made tremendous progress in the field of endorsements. The superb shortstop has signed partnerships with some of the industry’s biggest names, including Nike, Victus Sports, BMW, TicketSmarter, and FOCO USA, to name a few.

He was the face of RBI. Baseball 2021, a popular video game series, has one significant endorsement. While the actual amounts of these sponsorships have not been made public, it is reasonable to assume they have contributed considerably to Tim Anderson’s outstanding net worth.

In addition to these sponsorships, Tim has a substantial $25 million deal with the Chicago White Sox, with an annual compensation ranging from $4 to $5 million. These brand connections and contract partnerships highlight Tim Anderson’s abilities and marketability in the professional baseball world, making him a remarkable athlete and a sought-after endorsement figure.

Tim Anderson Personal Life

Tim Anderson’s life off the baseball diamond is deeply rooted in family and a commitment to positively impacting his community. In 2017, he married Bria Anderson (nee Evans), and the couple was blessed with two daughters, one born in 2016 and another in 2019. Their family calls Chicago home year-round.

Tragically, in 2017, Anderson faced a heartbreaking loss when his best friend was fatally shot in Tuscaloosa. They shared a unique bond as godfathers to each other’s daughters. This devastating event spurred Tim Anderson into action, inspiring him to establish the charitable foundation Anderson’s League of Leaders. The foundation supports children’s educational and personal development, addressing critical issues such as bullying and gun violence.

Tim’s commitment to making a difference extends to his “adopted hometown” of Chicago. He actively engages in charity work, particularly on the south and west sides of the city. In one special gesture of kindness, he brought 75 children from Chicago’s south side to the theater, allowing them to watch “42,” a biopic about the legendary baseball player Jackie Robinson. Tim Anderson’s devotion to his family and community showcases his character and the positive influence he seeks to create beyond the baseball field.

Tim Anderson Injuries

Tim Anderson has faced his share of injuries during his career. One prominent incident occurred when a pitch hit him on the left forearm during a game against the Yankees. Fortunately, X-rays revealed no fractures, and he was considered day-to-day. However, this injury added to his challenges during the 2023 season.

Another injury saw Anderson sidelined for two to four weeks due to a sprained left knee. He was injured in a collision near third base while attempting to tag out an opposing baserunner. Although he initially tried to play through the pain, the game eventually replaced Anderson.

Despite these setbacks, Anderson’s determination and quick healing have been evident. His presence in the White Sox lineup significantly impacts the team’s performance, with a winning record when he plays. While injuries have tested his resilience, Anderson stays committed to being the best player on the field and contributing to his team’s success.

Tim Anderson Education

Tim Anderson’s educational journey laid the foundation for his remarkable career in professional baseball. He started his path at Hillcrest High School in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, where he completed his high school education. It was here that he originally explored his love for sports.

Following high school, Anderson continued his education and baseball career at East Central Community College in Decatur, Mississippi. What’s remarkable is that East Central was the sole institution to offer Anderson a baseball scholarship, showcasing his potential as a player. In his freshman season, he demonstrated his skills by batting an impressive .360, hitting four home runs, driving in 37 runs, and stealing an astonishing 30 bases without being caught.

Despite his outstanding performance, Tim Anderson initially received no interest from Major League Baseball (MLB) teams, and he went undrafted in the 2012 MLB draft. However, Anderson’s determination and talent shone through, and he returned to East Central for his sophomore year, where he had a breakout season. Anderson led all junior college baseball players with an astounding .495 batting average, earning recognition as a first-team National Junior College Athletic Association Division II All-American. Anderson’s journey continued as he committed to transfer to the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB), marking the next step in his educational and baseball pursuits.

These early educational experiences and achievements set the stage for Tim Anderson’s impressive career in professional baseball, where he would become a standout figure in the sport.

Tim Anderson Philanthropic Work

Tim Anderson is not only a star on the baseball field but also a philanthropic champion with a heart for giving back. In 2022, he played in a charity match and donated all his earnings to support treating ill children, illustrating his dedication to positively impacting young lives.

One of his renowned initiatives is “Anderson’s League of Leaders.” Teaming up with his wife, Bria, Tim supports youth affected by violence in Chicago and Tuscaloosa, Alabama. They engage in mentorship, organize events, and participate in charitable activities, including providing Thanksgiving turkeys to families in need.

In the spirit of empowerment, Tim founded “League of Leaguers,” a youth-focused charity, to honor his late best friend lost to gun violence. This initiative aims to uplift kids in Chicago’s South Side and Tuscaloosa, reflecting Tim’s commitment to making a difference beyond the baseball diamond.


In conclusion, Tim Anderson’s journey from a small town in Alabama to becoming a standout shortstop in Major League Baseball is proof of his talent and dedication. From his early days at Hillcrest High School to his college years at East Central Community College, Anderson’s hard work paved the way for his professional success.

Beyond his impressive baseball career, Anderson’s commitment to giving back through initiatives like “Anderson’s League of Leaders” showcases his compassion and desire to impact the lives of young people affected by violence positively.

While he faces challenges and controversies on the field, Anderson’s resilience and determination continue to define his career. As he represents Team USA and faces both triumphs and setbacks in the 2023 season, Tim Anderson remains a prominent figure in the world of baseball, leaving a lasting mark on and off the diamond.


What is Tim Anderson’s salary?

In 2023, Anderson will earn a base salary of $12,500,000, while carrying a total salary of $12,500,000.

Is Tim Anderson an All-Star?

He made his MLB debut in 2016. Anderson led the American League in batting average in 2019, won the Silver Slugger Award in 2020, and was an All-Star in 2021 and 2022. 

What is Tim Anderson’s birth name?

Tim Anderson’s full name is Timothy Devon Anderson.

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