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Marcell Ozuna Idelfonso, widely known as “The Big Bear,” is a prominent figure in professional baseball. Born on November 12, 1990, in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, Ozuna has made a significant mark in Major League Baseball (MLB) as a skilled outfielder. Standing at 6 feet 1 inch and weighing 225 pounds, he has an impressive athletic build, contributing to his performance on the field. Ozuna debuted in the MLB with the Marlins on January 21, 2020, showcasing his talents as a right-handed batter and thrower. He has worn various jersey numbers throughout his career, including 48, 13, 23, and 20.

Ozuna’s prowess is reflected in his .338 batting average and ranking as the 16th in the National League (NL) for strikeouts and 5th for home runs. Off the field, he has built a significant net worth estimated at $5 million, supported by career earnings of over $79 million and a substantial annual salary of $16 million. His marketability is further evidenced by his endorsements from renowned brands like Nike, CCM, Bauer, and PepsiCo.

Marcell is the son of Marcelino Ozuna and Adriana Idelfonso and grew up alongside one brother and two sisters. His personal life is as fulfilling as his professional one, being married to Genesis Guzman. The couple has three children: Yolgiessy, Dalnny, and Genssy. Before his marriage, he was in a relationship with Maria Kirilenko. Marcell Ozuna’s life as an athlete and a family man is a testament to his dedication and hard work, making him a notable name in baseball.

Quick Facts About Marcell Ozuna

NameMarcell Ozuna
Real NameMarcell Ozuna Idelfonso
NicknameThe Big Bear
Birthday/AgeNovember 12, 1990 (Age 33)
Weight225lb (102kg)
Height6 ft 1 inches (185 cm)
BirthplaceSanto Domingo, Dominican Republic.
ProfessionDominican professional baseball outfielder 
Mlb Debut DateJanuary 21, 2020
Mlb Debut TeamThe Marlins
Jersey Number48,13,23,20
Earned Run Average.338
Runs batted in776
Home Runs236
Net Worth$5 Million
Career Earnings$79,421,728
EndorsementsNike, CCM, Bauer and PepsiCo
FatherMarcelino Ozuna
MotherAdriana Idelfonso
Siblingsone brother and two sisters.
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseGenesis Guzman.
Ex Girlfriend Maria Kirilenko
ChildrenThree children: Yolgiessy, Dalnny, and Genssy.

Marcell Ozuna Biography

Marcell Ozuna, also known as “The Big Bear,” is a famous baseball player from Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. He was born on November 12, 1990, which makes him 33 years old. He’s a big guy for a baseball player, about 6 feet 1 inch tall, and he weighs 225 pounds. Marcell is known for playing in the outfield, and he bats and throws with his right hand. He started playing Major League Baseball (MLB) with the Marlins on January 21, 2020.

In baseball, people look at how well you hit by your average and how many home runs you beat. Marcell does well at these, being one of the top players in his league for hitting home runs. He has been given several shirt numbers over his career – 48, 13, 23, and 20.

Marcell has made much money from playing baseball – around $79 million! Every year, he gets paid $16 million. He also earns extra money by being in advertisements for big sports companies like Nike and drinks like Pepsi.

He comes from a family with his mom, Adriana, his dad, Marcelino, a brother, and two sisters. Marcell is married to his wife, Genesis, and they have three kids. Before he was married, he dated a woman named Maria Kirilenko. With his family, baseball, and work on ads, Marcell keeps very busy and has become very popular in baseball.

Marcell Ozuna Net Worth

Marcell Ozuna Net Worth

The total net worth is $5 million. Marcell Ozuna is a professional baseball player from the Dominican Republic who plays in Major League Baseball (MLB).

He has played in the big leagues for several years and has made much money from baseball. When people talk about “net worth,” they mean the total amount of money someone has after you subtract any debts they owe.

For Marcell Ozuna, most of his money comes from the contracts he signed to play baseball, which are deals where the team agrees to pay him a certain amount over a certain number of years.

He has had significant contracts with teams like the Atlanta Braves, where he was promised tens of millions of dollars to play for them. He also earns money from endorsements, which are deals companies pay him to promote their products, usually because he is famous and good at baseball, so people might want to buy things he recommends.

Estimated Career Earnings

Miami Marlins2008 $49,000$49,000
2013 $227,595$227,595
2014 $505,000$505,000
2015 $422,896$422,896
2016 $570,000$570,000
2017NL GOLD GLOVE:LF,NL SILVER SLUGGER:OF$3,500,000$3,500,000
St. Louis Cardinals2018 $9,000,000$9,000,000
2019 $12,250,000$12,250,000
  Atlanta Braves2020ALL MLB (1ST),NL SILVER SLUGGER:DH$6,666,667$6,666,667
2021 $14,279,570$14,279,569
2022 $16,000,000$16,000,000
2023 $16,000,000$16,000,000
Est. Earnings(11 seasons)$79,421,728$49,000$79,470,727

Source: Spotrac-Earnings

Marcell Ozuna Contract Details

LengthTeamAmountAvg Annual Salary
2021-2025Atlanta Braves$65,000,000$16,250,000
2020-2020Atlanta Braves$18,000,000$18,000,000
2019-2019St. Louis Cardinals$12,250,000$12,250,000
2018-2018St. Louis Cardinals$9,000,000$9,000,000
2017-2017Miami Marlins$3,500,000$3,500,000
2016-2016Miami Marlins$570,000$570,000
2015-2015Miami Marlins$545,000$545,000
2014-2014Miami Marlins$505,000$505,000

Source: OSDB-Contract

Marcell Ozuna Injuries

05/26/2021 – 09/10/2021ATLFinger108$9,290,376
06/29/2019 – 09/29/2019STLFinger93$6,124,980
08/22/2018 – 09/01/2018STLShoulder11$532,257

Source: Spotrac-Injuries

Marcell Ozuna Early Life

Marcell Ozuna, known to his fans as “The Big Bear,” grew up in a warm and sunny place called Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. He was born on November 12, 1990, into a family with his mom, Adriana, his dad, Marcelino, a brother, and two sisters. As a kid, Marcell probably played a lot of baseball, which is a big deal where he comes from. We don’t know much about his school days, but he must have been pretty good at baseball from a young age because he grew up as a professional player.

Life in Santo Domingo is often about family and baseball, and Marcell was no different. His country is known for producing some of the best baseball players in the world, and Marcell worked hard to be one of them. Before becoming famous, Marcell would have spent many days practicing swinging the bat, catching, and throwing the ball to become good at it. His family probably watched him play and supported him as he got better. His hard work paid off when he became good enough to play baseball in the United States for the big leagues. That’s a big dream for many kids who play baseball in the Dominican Republic. Marcell made that dream come true, and that’s how his journey in baseball started.

Marcell Ozuna Career

Marcell Ozuna Career

On February 15, 2008, Ozuna embarked on a notable baseball journey, signing as an international free agent with the Florida Marlins and receiving a $49,000 bonus. His early career saw him playing in the Dominican Summer League (DSL) and Gulf Coast League (GCL), showcasing promising talent.

By 2010, Ozuna progressed to the Greensboro Grasshoppers but faced a setback with a wrist injury. He returned to form with Short Season Jamestown, accumulating impressive stats.

His consistent performance led to his promotion to the Jupiter Hammerheads in 2012, where he significantly impacted the Florida State League, leading in several categories.

In 2013, the Miami Marlins boldly promoted their young talent to the Major Leagues. This strategy was particularly evident with players like Marcell Ozuna and Derek Dietrich, who were quickly moved up to the majors. Various factors, including injuries within the team and the underperformance of other players, drove the decision to promote these prospects.

However, the Marlins’ approach to managing their young talent was about more than just fast promotions. They also showed readiness to make changes when needed. This was clear when they decided to demote Ozuna and Dietrich, Christian Yelich, and Jake Marisnick to bring in new prospects. This move, reported by Joe Frisaro of, indicates the Marlins’ commitment to continually refreshing their team with emerging talent, always seeking the best combination of players for their Major League roster.

Ozuna’s major league debut with the Miami Marlins in 2013 was marked by noteworthy achievements, including his first hit and home run. Despite a thumb injury that year, he returned strong in 2014, tying a franchise record. His tenure with the Marlins, lasting until 2017, was highlighted by multiple Player of the Week awards and an All-Star Game start in 2017, where he established career highs.

His move to the St. Louis Cardinals in 2018 brought continued success, including a memorable 100th career home run and his first walk-off home run. Despite an injury in 2019, he was pivotal in the Cardinals reaching the National League Division Series.

Ozuna’s signing with the Atlanta Braves in 2020 marked another chapter in his career. He achieved notable milestones, including being the first National League player to hit three home runs in a game at Fenway Park and leading the NL in home runs during the shortened 2020 season. His re-signing with the Braves in 2021 was overshadowed by domestic violence allegations, leading to administrative leave.

In 2022, Ozuna played 124 games, showcasing his power with 23 home runs, and in 2023, he achieved a career-high of 40 home runs, contributing to the Braves’ record-tying season for home runs. Ozuna’s career, characterized by highs and lows, reflects his resilience and significant impact in Major League Baseball.

Marcell Ozuna Jersey

YearsTeamJersey Number
2013Miami Marlins48
2014-2017Miami Marlins13
2018-2019St. Louis Cardinals23
2020-2023Atlantra Braves20

Marcell Ozuna Stats

Totals 1,3101,2804,9526661,33023021237776436281,1760.2690.3290.4670.79623.16

Source: Spotrac-stats


November 21, 2022CF Marcell Ozuna and assigned to Gigantes del Cibao.
26-Jan-22CF Marcell Ozuna assigned to Dominican Republic.
November 16, 2021Gigantes del Cibao activated CF Marcell Ozuna.
November 16, 2021Gigantes del Cibao activated CF Marcell Ozuna.
3-Nov-21Atlanta Braves activated CF Marcell Ozuna from the restricted list.
September 10, 2021Atlanta Braves placed CF Marcell Ozuna on the restricted list.
May 28, 2021Atlanta Braves placed CF Marcell Ozuna on the 10-day injured list. Left middle and ring finger fractures.
5-Feb-21Atlanta Braves signed free agent CF Marcell Ozuna.

Source: MLB-Transection

Marcell Ozuna Awards, Records, and Honors

2010Jamestown JammersNYP
2011Florida MarlinsNL
2012Miami MarlinsNL
2012Jupiter HammerheadsFSL

Source: MLB-Awards

Marcell Ozuna Family

Marcell Ozuna, a noted baseball player, comes from a close-knit family. His father, Marcelino Ozuna, worked as a painter. His mother, Adriana Idelfonso, has been a housekeeper. Marcell grew up with his siblings – one brother and two sisters, sharing a strong familial bond. Interestingly, he has a connection to baseball in his family, as his cousin is Pablo Ozuna, a former MLB player. This background reflects a blend of artistic and athletic influences in his early life.

Growing up in the Dominican Republic, Marcell was surrounded by a vibrant culture and a community that loved baseball. It’s a place where families often gather to enjoy games together and cheer for their favorite players. Marcell’s relatives—uncles, aunts, cousins—might have been part of those excited crowds, feeling proud as they watched him play and grow into a professional athlete. This extended family network likely provided a foundation of encouragement and joy for Marcell, contributing to his journey in baseball. Even without mentioning his wife and children, it’s clear that Marcell’s family, with all its branches, has been a significant part of his life, offering love, laughter, and a sense of belonging.

Marcell Ozuna Personal Life

Marcell Ozuna is a professional baseball player who comes from the Dominican Republic. His family includes his wife, Genesis, and their three children, two girls and a boy. Genesis has been with Marcell for a long time, and they have built a family together alongside Marcell’s busy life playing baseball. His children are a big part of his life, and he often shares pictures and moments with them on social media, showing how proud he is to be their dad. The kids are still relatively young, which means they are growing up while Marcell continues to play the sport he loves. The family is very close, and they try to support Marcell by going to games and cheering him on whenever they can. They enjoy their time together, whether at home or exploring new places during the baseball season. Marcell and Genesis work together to make sure their children are happy, healthy, and able to enjoy the opportunities that come with being part of a family that’s in the public eye because of Marcell’s career in baseball.

Marcell Ozuna Education

Marcell Ozuna is a professional baseball player from the Dominican Republic, known for his powerful hitting and strong arm in the outfield. Little detailed public information is available regarding his education, but like many Dominican players, his path likely focused early on baseball. In the Dominican Republic, there are special academies dedicated to baseball where young players go to develop their skills and get noticed by Major League teams. These academies often combine primary education with intense baseball training.

Ozuna may have attended one of these academies, where his typical day would have been a mix of practicing his batting and fielding, along with some classroom lessons. The education in these places is often primary, concentrating on things like reading, writing, and math, but the main goal is always to prepare players for a baseball career. It’s a different kind of schooling than many American kids experience, with less time in a traditional classroom and more on the baseball diamond.

Players like Ozuna often sign contracts with Major League teams when they are teenagers, which means their education takes a different path than going to college or sometimes even completing high school. Instead, their learning happens in the game, through real-life experience playing baseball at professional levels. They also learn other life skills, like managing money and understanding contracts, which are essential for their careers. While the details of Ozuna’s education might need to be more well-known, it’s clear that his schooling prepared him well for his baseball career.

Marcell Ozuna Philanthropy

Marcell Ozuna is a baseball player known for hitting home runs and playing hard on the field. But aside from being a sports star, he also likes to help people off the field. He gives back to the community by getting involved in charity work, which is a way of helping people who are not as lucky as others. He uses his fame and money to support good causes. 

He also visits children who are sick in hospitals, tries to make them smile, and sometimes gives away tickets to his baseball games so families can enjoy them for free. Marcell Ozuna believes it’s essential to help others, and by doing so, he shows that being a good person is not just about playing well but also about doing good things for others.


Marcell Ozuna is a baseball player who comes from the Dominican Republic and plays in the big leagues in America. He’s known for hitting the baseball hard and far. People who follow baseball have seen him do very well in some seasons, where he hits many home runs and helps his team win many games. But he has also had times when he doesn’t do as well, which can happen to any player. Aside from playing, he’s also been in the news for some trouble away from the baseball field, which got people talking and not always in a good way. The critical thing to know is that Marcell Ozuna can play baseball very well, but like everyone, he has good and bad times, both in the game and in life.


Where did Ozuna play on the pitch?

“The Big Bear” Marcell Ozuna Idelfonso is a Dominican professional baseball outfielder who plays for the Atlanta Braves of Major League Baseball (MLB). He was born on November 12, 1990, and his nickname is him.

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