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Gerrit Cole is a well-known baseball pitcher. His full name is Gerrit Alan Cole, but many call him “Chef G.” Born on September 8, 1990, in Newport Beach, California, he’s now 33 years old. He stands tall at 6’4″ and weighs 220lbs. Gerrit now lives in Greenwich, Connecticut.

He began his baseball journey in high school at Orange Lutheran HS in Orange, CA. Later, he attended the University of California, Los Angeles. He was drafted twice: first by the New York Yankees in 2008 and then by the Pittsburgh Pirates in 2011. Gerrit made his MLB debut on June 11, 2013, with the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Wearing jersey number 45, he has impressive stats. His earned run average is 3.17. He’s achieved 222 strikeouts and hit three home runs. He earns a salary of $36 million and has a net worth of around $50 million. Rawlings endorses him.

Away from the field, Gerrit has a rich family life. His parents are Mark and Sharon Cole. He has a sister named Erin. In 2016, he married Amy Crawford. The couple has two children: Everett and Caden Cole.

Quick Facts About Gerrit Cole

NameGerrit Cole
Real NameGerrit Alan Cole
NicknameChef G
Birthday/Age(1990-09-08) September 8, 1990 (Age 33
BirthplaceNewport Beach, California, U.S
Residence:Greenwich, Connecticut. 
ProfessionBaseball Pitcher 
DraftDrafted By The New York Yankees In The 1st Round (28th) Of The 2008 Mlb June Amateur Draft From Orange Lutheran Hs (Orange, Ca) And The Pittsburgh Pirates In The 1st Round (1st) Of The 2011 Mlb June Amateur Draft From University Of California, Los Angeles (Los Angeles, Ca).
Mlb Debut DateJune 11, 2013
Mlb Debut TeamPittsburgh Pirates 
Batted/Threw10 Batters 
Jersey Number45

Earned Run Average
Home Runs3
High SchoolOrange Lutheran Hs (Orange, Ca)
CollegeUniversity Of California, Los Angeles
Net WorthAround $50 Million.
Career EarningsAround $156,222,046. 
Salary$36 Million

Mark Cole
MotherSharon Cole
SiblingsErin Cole
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseAmy Crawford (M. 2016)
Ex GirlfriendGerrit Cole Has Had No Other Relationships
ChildrenEverett Cole, Caden

Gerrit Cole Biography

Gerrit Cole, born on September 8, 1990, in Newport Beach, California, is a prominent figure in Major League Baseball (MLB). Known for his exceptional pitching prowess, Cole’s journey in the world of baseball is one marked by remarkable achievements.

Gerrit Cole’s journey began at Orange Lutheran High School. There, he showcased his baseball prowess. The New York Yankees spotted his talent and picked him in the 2008 MLB Draft’s first round. Yet, Cole opted for college. He played for the UCLA Bruins, representing the University of California, Los Angeles.

In 2011, Cole’s prowess on the field led him to be the first overall pick in the MLB draft, selected by the Pittsburgh Pirates. This marked the beginning of his professional career. His debut in the MLB came in 2013, earning him the honor of being named the National League Rookie of the Month in September of the same year.

A standout season for Cole was in 2019, a year that would etch his name in the annals of baseball history. He achieved a remarkable 20-5 record and a staggering 0.895 WHIP. Cole’s mastery on the mound was further highlighted by leading the American League with a 2.50 ERA and topping the charts in strikeouts (326), strikeout percentage (39.9%), and strikeouts per nine innings (13.818). His extraordinary feat of averaging more than one and a half strikeouts per inning was a first in MLB history for a full-time starting pitcher.

In December 2019, Gerrit Cole signed a monumental $324 million contract with the Yankees, setting a new standard in pitcher contracts. This marked an essential moment in his career and solidified his status as one of the premier pitchers in the league.

Cole’s tenure with the Yankees has been nothing short of spectacular. He debuted as the Opening Day starting pitcher, showcasing his mettle by allowing just one hit against the Washington Nationals. His regular-season winning streak reached an impressive 20, placing him among the all-time greats in MLB history.

The playoffs have been no less extraordinary for Cole. In his Yankees playoff debut, he struck out an impressive 13 batters without issuing a walk. This feat tied him with legendary pitcher Tom Seaver and etched his name in Yankees franchise history. Cole’s ability to secure three postseason wins with 12 or more strikeouts is a testament to his exceptional skill and composure in high-stakes situations.

In April 2021, Cole further solidified his legacy by becoming the Yankees pitcher with the most strikeouts in the first three starts of a season, a record he now shares with David Cone. His 1,500th career strikeout made him the second-fastest pitcher in history to achieve this milestone, trailing only behind the legendary Randy Johnson.

The 2021 season saw Cole lead the American League with 16 wins and an impressive 5.93 strikeout-to-walk ratio. His consistency and excellence on the mound continued to shine.

In 2022, Cole’s dominance reached new heights. Facing the Toronto Blue Jays, he recorded his 248th strikeout for the regular season, tying a record set by Ron Guidry in 1978. A few days later, Cole surpassed Guidry, cementing his place as the all-time strikeout leader for the Yankees in a single season. His 257 strikeouts in 33 starts led all of MLB, and he became the first right-handed pitcher in Yankees history to achieve this feat.

Gerrit Cole’s journey in the MLB is a testament to his unwavering dedication, exceptional talent, and unmatched work ethic. His legacy in the sport will undoubtedly endure, and he stands as an inspiration to aspiring athletes worldwide.

Gerrit Cole Net Worth

Gerrit Cole Net Worth

In the year 2023, Gerrit Cole’s estimated net worth stands at an impressive $50 million. This substantial wealth is the result of strategic financial decisions and lucrative contracts secured over his illustrious career.

In 2020, Cole embarked on a monumental financial endeavor by signing a nine-year contract with the New York Yankees, valued at an astonishing $324 million.

This landmark agreement translated to an annual income of $36 million, mirroring his Average Annual Value (AAV) as stipulated in the contract. This substantial contract laid the foundation for his burgeoning net worth.

By 2022, Cole’s financial standing saw a substantial increase, reaching an estimated $49 million. This notable rise in wealth is indicative of his continued success in the field and prudent financial management.

In 2021, his net worth further ascended to an impressive $43 million. This steady growth reflects his exceptional skills and astute financial decisions.

Before securing the transformative Yankees contract in 2020, Gerrit Cole’s estimated net worth was valued at $38 million. This figure encompasses his earnings and investments up to that pivotal point.

Looking back to 2019, Cole’s estimated net worth was valued at $33 million. This marked a significant step forward in his financial journey, setting the stage for the substantial contracts that would follow.

Gerrit Cole’s financial trajectory is a testament to his prowess both on and off the field. His strategic career moves and prudent financial decisions have solidified his position as not only a baseball icon but also a wise steward of his wealth. His journey serves as an inspiration for athletes and individuals alike, illustrating the potential for astute financial growth through talent and wise financial management.

Estimated Career Earnings

Pittsburgh Pirates2011$9,000,000$9,000,000
Houston Astros2018$6,750,000$6,750,000
2019ALL MLB (1ST)$13,500,000$13,500,000
New York Yankees2020ALL MLB (2ND)$13,333,333$13,333,333
2021ALL MLB (1ST)$36,000,000$36,000,000
Est. Earnings(11 seasons)$147,222,046$9,000,000$156,222,046

Source: Spotrac-cash-earnings

Gerrit Cole Contract Details

Cole’s contract spans nine years. He earns an impressive $36 million per year, totaling $324 million throughout the contract. After the 2024 season, Cole has the option to opt out of the contract. However, the Yankees have the authority to nullify this option and add a one-year extension valued at $36 million. Cole’s contract includes a full no-trade clause, giving him control over any potential trades.

It’s worth noting that in the shortened 2020 MLB season, Cole’s earnings were prorated, resulting in a cash figure of approximately $13.5 million. Taking this into account, the total value of the contract adjusts to around $301.3 million.

Throughout his career, Cole has established himself as an upscale pitcher with an impressive 3.22 career ERA. In recent years, he has shown exceptional prowess by striking out over 12 batters per nine innings. The Yankees see this level of performance as instrumental in their pursuit of a 28th World Series title.

Over his professional journey, Cole’s earnings have seen significant growth. He earned $14.6 million in five seasons with the Pittsburgh Pirates and an additional $20.25 million in two seasons with the Houston Astros. With his new contract with the Yankees, if he sees it through, his career earnings will surpass $336 million. This figure could be even higher if he chooses to exercise his opt-out option after the 2024 season and the Yankees respond with a one-year extension.

Gerrit Cole Injuries

Gerrit Cole has faced another setback in his baseball career. Earlier in the year, he experienced elbow inflammation, which led him to the disabled list in August. In June, he also dealt with a triceps injury that caused him to miss some playing time.

When he returned to the field after recovering from the elbow inflammation, he had a tough outing against Philadelphia. In that game, he pitched for only two innings and gave up four hits, four walks, and five runs, resulting in a 6-2 loss.

In 2015, Cole’s performance was outstanding. He was selected as an All-Star and finished the season with impressive stats, including a 2.60 ERA, a 1.09 WHIP, and 202 strikeouts in 208 innings. He played a pivotal role in leading the Pirates to the playoffs, serving as the team’s top pitcher. This led to high expectations for him in the following season.

However, due to injuries and inconsistent performance, Cole’s numbers have declined notably this season. He currently holds a 3.88 ERA, allowing 131 hits and striking out 98 batters in 116 innings.

In light of this setback, the Pittsburgh Pirates have options to consider for their starting rotation. They may rely more heavily on pitchers like Ivan Nova, Ryan Vogelsong, and Jameson Taillon. Taillon, a young talent, has the potential to become a dominant force on the field if he continues to develop as expected.

Given the likelihood that the Pirates won’t make it to the playoffs this year, shutting down Cole at this point will allow him to focus on recovery and be in optimal condition for the 2017 season.

08/03/2021 – 08/16/2021NYYCovid-1914$2,709,672
09/13/2016 – 10/02/2016PITElbow20$59,900
08/25/2016 – 09/12/2016PITElbow19$56,905
06/11/2016 – 07/16/2016PITArm36$107,820

Source: Spotrac-injuries

Gerrit Cole Early Life

Gerrit Cole’s journey in baseball began at Orange Lutheran High School, nestled in Orange, California. In his sophomore year, Cole took the mound for the junior varsity team, displaying an impressive feat of not allowing any runs in 45 innings pitched. It was in his junior year that Cole truly garnered attention on a national scale. His fastball blazed at a remarkable 94 miles per hour (151 km/h), a testament to his exceptional talent. During a showcase featuring the best talents from prep schools, Cole’s fastball soared to an impressive 96 miles per hour (154 km/h), drawing the gaze of nearly 50 scouts.

In his senior year, Cole’s performance was nothing short of extraordinary. He amassed an 8-2 win-loss record and boasted a minuscule 0.47 earned run average (ERA). Moreover, he notched an astounding 121 strikeouts in 75 innings, showcasing his dominance on the mound.

In recognition of his outstanding high school career, USA Today honored Cole by naming him to their esteemed All-USA high school baseball team in 2008. Baseball America, a trusted source in the world of baseball prospects, ranked him as the 17th-best available prospect in the highly anticipated 2008 Major League Baseball draft. Further accolades came his way when he was selected as the starting pitcher for the 2008 Orange County North–South All-Star Game.

As his senior year came to a close, the New York Yankees made a significant move by choosing Cole in the first round, securing the 28th overall selection of the 2008 Major League Baseball draft. This moment marked a historic milestone, as Cole became the first player ever drafted from Orange Lutheran High School. The Yankees demonstrated their keen interest by planning to offer Cole a substantial $4 million signing bonus, surpassing the recommended amount for the slot.

However, Cole’s path took a different turn. Despite the enticing offer and being represented by the esteemed agent Scott Boras, Cole and his family made a resolute decision. They carefully weighed the options, considering the trajectories of players who chose different paths after high school. Ultimately, Cole remained steadfast in his commitment to further his education and athletic pursuits at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), where he held a college baseball scholarship. During his time at UCLA, Cole pursued a major in political science, complemented by a minor in theater.

Gerrit Cole Career

Gerrit Cole Career

Cole’s journey began at Orange Lutheran High School in Orange, California. His exceptional pitching skills and impressive fastball speeds gained national attention. He garnered numerous accolades and was named to the All-USA high school baseball team by USA Today.

In 2008, the New York Yankees selected Cole in the first round of the MLB draft. However, Cole decided to pursue higher education and attend the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) on a baseball scholarship, majoring in political science with a minor in theater.

During his time at UCLA, Cole continued to showcase his pitching prowess. He earned recognition as one of the top collegiate pitchers in the country.

In 2013, Cole made his Major League debut with the Pittsburgh Pirates. He quickly established himself as a force to be reckoned with, earning accolades like the National League Rookie of the Month.

 Cole’s career took a turn when he was traded to the Houston Astros in the 2017–18 offseason. During his time with the Astros, he achieved significant milestones, including becoming the 18th pitcher in MLB history to strike out at least 300 batters in a season.

On January 13, 2018, the Pittsburgh Pirates made a significant trade involving Gerrit Cole. He was traded to the Houston Astros in exchange for four players: Joe Musgrove, Michael Feliz, Colin Moran, and Jason Martin.

 In December 2019, Gerrit Cole signed a historic $324 million contract with the New York Yankees. This marked the largest contract for a pitcher in MLB history at the time.

Cole’s arrival in the Bronx was met with great anticipation, and he did not disappoint. He became the Opening Day starting pitcher, delivering standout performances and breaking records, including a remarkable 20-game winning streak.

He set records for strikeouts and became the first Major Leaguer to win three postseason games with 12 or more strikeouts.

In 2022, Cole etched his name in Yankees history by surpassing the franchise record for strikeouts in a single season, solidifying his place as one of the premier pitchers in the league.

Gerrit Cole achieved a significant milestone in his career on May 23, 2023. During a game against the Baltimore Orioles, he recorded his 2,000th career strikeout. This accomplishment made him the 87th pitcher overall in MLB history to reach this milestone. Notably, Cole became the third-fastest pitcher in MLB history to achieve this feat, accomplishing it in just 1,714.2 innings. He followed closely behind Chris Sale, who achieved it in 1,626 innings, and Pedro Martinez, who did so in 1,711.1 innings.

Gerrit Cole Jersey

YearsTeamJersey Number
2013-2017Pittsburgh Pirates45
2018-2019Houston Astros45
2013-2017Pittsburgh Pirates45

Source: baseball-reference

Gerrit Cole Stats


Source: Spotrac-statistics


December 11 2019Signed a 9 year $324 million contract with New York (NYY)
November 4 2019Houston (HOU) extended a $17.8 million Qualifying Offer
February 13 2019Signed a 1 year $13.5 million contract with Houston (HOU), settling in arbitration
January 14 2018Traded to Houston (HOU) from Pittsburgh (PIT) for Joe Musgrove, Michael Feliz, Colin Moran and Jason Martin
January 12 2018Signed a 1 year $6.75 million contract with Pittsburgh (PIT), avoiding arbitration
Jan 13 2017Signed a 1 year $3.75 million contract with Pittsburgh (PIT), avoiding arbitration
Feb 29 2016Signed a 1 year $548k contract with Pittsburgh (PIT)
Feb 29 2016Signed a 1 year $541k contract with Pittsburgh (PIT)
Mar 4 2015Signed a 1 year $531,000 contract with Pittsbugh (PIT)
Mar 3 2014Signed a 1 year $512,500 contract with Pittsburgh (PIT)
Aug 15 2011Signed a contract with Pittsburgh (PIT)
Jun 6 2011Drafted by Pittsburgh (PIT): Round 1 (#1 overall)
Dec 11 2019Signed a 9 year $324 million contract with New York (NYY)
Nov 4 2019Houston (HOU) extended a $17.8 million Qualifying Offer
Feb 13 2019Signed a 1 year $13.5 million contract with Houston (HOU), settling in arbitration
Jan 14 2018Traded to Houston (HOU) from Pittsburgh (PIT) for Joe Musgrove, Michael Feliz, Colin Moran and Jason Martin
January 12 2018Signed a 1 year $6.75 million contract with Pittsburgh (PIT), avoiding arbitration
January 13 2017Signed a 1 year $3.75 million contract with Pittsburgh (PIT), avoiding arbitration
February 29 2016Signed a 1 year $548k contract with Pittsburgh (PIT)
February 29 2016Signed a 1 year $541k contract with Pittsburgh (PIT)
March 4 2015Signed a 1 year $531,000 contract with Pittsbugh (PIT)
Mar 3 2014Signed a 1 year $512,500 contract with Pittsburgh (PIT)
Aug 15 2011Signed a contract with Pittsburgh (PIT)
Jun 6 2011Drafted by Pittsburgh (PIT): Round 1 (#1 overall)

Source: Spotrac-transactions

Gerrit Cole Awards, Records, and Honors

6× All-Star2015, 2018, 2019, 2021–2023
2× All-MLB First Team2019, 2021
All-MLB Second Team2020
2× AL ERA leader2019, 2023
2× MLB strikeout leader2019, 2022
AL wins leader2021


Gerrit Cole Endorsements

Gerrit Cole has an endorsement deal with Rawlings, a renowned sports equipment manufacturer known for their baseball gloves and equipment. This endorsement reflects Cole’s recognition as a top-tier pitcher in the MLB, as Rawlings often partners with elite baseball players to promote their products. 

Gerrit Cole Personal Life and Family

Gerrit Cole is the elder son of Mark and Sharon, and he shares a close bond with his younger sister, Erin. Erin, a gifted athlete, furthered her education at UCLA and made her mark playing for the Bruins’ soccer team.

Raised in a household where the Yankees spirit ran deep, Gerrit’s father, who came from Syracuse, New York, passed down his love for the New York Yankees. This shared enthusiasm formed a special connection between father and son.

Iconic Moment: The 2001 World Series:
The 2001 World Series left an indelible mark on Cole. Attending this pivotal event, he proudly held a sign aloft, bearing the powerful words, “YANKEE FAN TODAY TOMORROW FOREVER.” This momentous image resonated widely in 2019 when news of his Yankees signing broke. It became a symbol of his enduring allegiance to the team, a bond that remains unbroken.

Acknowledging Baseball Legends:
In his introductory press conference with the New York Yankees, Cole took a moment to pay tribute to two giants in baseball history: Marvin Miller and Curt Flood. He expressed deep gratitude for their pivotal roles in securing free agency for MLB players, a monumental milestone for the sport.

Cole’s life blossomed with the union to Amy Crawford, a former UCLA softball player and the sister of MLB standout Brandon Crawford. Their story began at UCLA, a place where their paths first crossed. On January 1, 2020, a joyful announcement heralded the coming of their first child. Their son, Caden Gerrit Cole, was born on June 30, 2020. Their family expanded further when their second son, Everett, entered the world on January 2, 2023.

Beyond baseball, Cole finds joy in the culinary arts. Together with his wife, they share their favorite recipes through their blog. Besides, Cole’s musical talents shine through as he adeptly plays both the piano and guitar. He possesses the unique ability to read sheet music.

Cole’s influence extends beyond the field. In recognition of his standing in the league, he was elected to the Executive Subcommittee of the Major League Baseball Players Association.

A Cherished Ride: The White Tacoma:
A humble reminder of his roots, Gerrit Cole still drives his white 2006 Toyota Tacoma, a gift from his father that has been with him since high school and UCLA.

Gerrit Cole’s journey is marked by a deep sense of family, shared passions, and a genuine appreciation for the roots that have shaped him. His story is one of connection, gratitude, and a steadfast commitment to his passions on and off the field.

Gerrit Cole Education

Cole attended Orange Lutheran High School, where he was a part of the school’s baseball team. His talent on the field caught the attention of the New York Yankees, who selected him in the first round of the 2008 MLB Draft. However, Cole made the decision not to sign with the Yankees at that time.

Instead, he chose to further his education and baseball career at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). At UCLA, he played for the UCLA Bruins baseball team.

During his time at Orange Lutheran High School, Cole was coached by Mike Grahovac. His exceptional pitching skills were evident when he achieved an impressive speed of 100 miles per hour on the radar gun. In his sophomore year, he had a record of 1 win and 0 losses with an impressive 14 strikeouts in 14 innings pitched. In his junior year, he demonstrated versatility by not only excelling in pitching but also in hitting, with a batting average of .269. Additionally, he maintained an outstanding pitching record of 3 wins and 0 losses, along with an impressive earned run average (ERA) of 1.21. He also secured two saves during that year.

Gerrit Cole Philanthropy

Gerrit Cole, alongside his wife Amy, has demonstrated a heartfelt commitment to making a positive impact in the lives of children and their communities. Here’s a look at their notable philanthropic efforts:

Starting in 2016, Gerrit and Amy Cole began hosting events aimed at supporting various charitable causes. Their dedication to giving back extended to 2017 in Pittsburgh, and 2019, they continued their philanthropic endeavors during Houston’s journey to the World Series.

Empowering Children:
A cornerstone of Coles’ philanthropic mission is the welfare and empowerment of children. They have been staunch advocates for organizations and initiatives dedicated to enhancing the lives of young individuals.

Partnerships with Charitable Organizations:
The Coles have aligned themselves with several noteworthy charitable organizations. Their support extends to the Children’s Institute, an institution focused on providing specialized services for children and young adults. Additionally, they contribute to Pirates Charities, an organization associated with the Pittsburgh Pirates that endeavors to make a positive impact in the community. Furthermore, the Coles stand behind No Kid Hungry, a campaign committed to ending childhood hunger.


Gerrit Cole’s journey through the world of baseball is one marked by exceptional talent, dedication, and a genuine love for the game. From his early days at Orange Lutheran High School to his standout years at UCLA, Cole’s path was defined by hard work and a commitment to excellence.

His professional career, highlighted by historic achievements and a record-breaking contract with the New York Yankees, solidifies his status as one of the premier pitchers in Major League Baseball.

Off the field, Gerrit Cole’s strong family bonds, his deep connection to the New York Yankees, and his philanthropic efforts alongside his wife, Amy, demonstrate a well-rounded individual who values both his community and the sport that he loves.

Cole’s story is an inspiration for aspiring athletes and a testament to the rewards of uncompromising dedication. His legacy, both on and off the field, will continue to leave a positive impact for years to come.


How old is Gerrit Cole?

Gerrit Alan Cole was born in Newport Beach, California, on September 8, 1990.

How many seasons has Gerrit Cole played?

Gerrit Cole is in his 11th season.

How much does Gerrit Cole weigh?

Gerrit Cole weighs 220 lbs (99 kg).

When was Gerrit Cole drafted?

Gerrit Cole was drafted on two occasions. Firstly, he was drafted by the New York Yankees in the 1st round (28th overall) of the 2008 MLB June Amateur Draft from Orange Lutheran HS (Orange, CA). Later, he was selected by the Pittsburgh Pirates in the 1st round (1st overall) of the 2011 MLB June Amateur Draft from the University of California, Los Angeles (Los Angeles, CA).

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